*Our policy allows for 7 days to report any missing or damaged items, once you receive your shipment.*

We want you to be completely satisfied with your order, but sometimes mistakes happen. Whether it’s the shipping company or a mistake on our end, we want to know. Below are the most common reasons to file a claim. You can file your claim below or email with your order number in the subject line.

NOTE: All claims must contain photo evidence of the issue, in order for us to process them.

Damaged Shipment

If your shipment is damaged either on delivery or pick up (terminal pick up), then immediately take pictures. Upon arrival your pallet should look like the photo below (Fig 1). Once you have photos, you have two options: you can choose to sign for it and see if there is any damage to the cabinets themselves, in most cases the cabinets have received no damage. Your second option is to not sign for them, and submit a claim with us including the photos of the damaged pallet.

Damaged Cabinet

If you begin to unpack your cabinets and find any damage to your cabinets, stop and immediately take pictures. DO NOT assemble the damaged cabinets, as we cannot replace any assembled cabinets. Unpack all of your order to make sure you have record of all damaged pieces. Submit your claim to Make sure to attach all photos you have.

Missing / Incorrect Item(s)

If you notice that something is missing from your order, or the pieces you received don’t match your receipt, email us and let us know what is missing or incorrect.